Around the Industry: Ivey Designs

One of the best things about what we get to do here at Professional Marksmen Inc. is that we get to test the new stuff coming out on the market.  We have been privileged to know many very talented and innovative individuals who are doing their best to enhance the capabilities of the long range shooter.  Ivey Designs out of Murfreesboro, TN, is one of those companies. Stephen Ivey, the owner of Project One LLC., is the driving force behind their new SRT Adjustable Scope Mounts.  Stephen has been developing this technology for several years now and we believe has something of great interest in his new SRT30-160 Adjustable Ring Set.   





I first met Stephen last year at our Neighbor Range Complex.  We hold a Prairie Dog Shoot every year for people in the industry to kind of come together and visit for a few days – and shoot some Prairie Dogs.  He had his prototype SRT30-160 Ring Set with him and was using the 1000 yard KD range to verify the adjustments to ensure that they were correct. 

Prairie Dog Days 2 - June 2008

Stephen is a very humble shooter, which are the best kind of shooters out there.  Usually they are the ones that can shoot well and Stephen certainly can.  He has a technical background to match a practical shooting background and this is really what we look for in product manufacturers.  I have met many in this industry who have a wonderful engineering background and can prototype about anything on the computer, but they just don’t understand how that correlates to the real world.  Nine times out of ten, the computer generated model doesn’t work in the real world.  You have to be a shooter first and an engineer second. 

Prairie Dog Days - June 2008


Technology has grown in such an astronomical rate over the past 10 years and this includes the Firearms Manufacturing Industry.  The integration of computer technology, which has been around for longer than what we think, has surpassed many boundaries.  PDA’s on the firing line are becoming more and more common – even the Apple iPhone has applications for ballistic programs.  Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc. has an optical mounted, ballistic computer that mounts directly to elevation knob of the scope in their BORS system.  These things are great advances in shooting technology but all have one fallible piece in common:  Electronics.

Those of you who have served or are currently serving in the military will understand what I mean by that.  Everything electronic will eventually fail you.  Batteries fail, sensors do not always read correctly, and shooting data isn’t 100% correct.  I have seen about everything, except the iPhone (haven’t used that one yet), go very wrong on the firing line.  I’ve also seen these things work well too.  But the point is:  Electronics Will Eventually Fail You.  Practical Shooters must first have an understanding of how the projectile is being affected Internally, inside of the rifle, and Externally, as it flies through the air.  Then utilize these additional tools if you like – as long as you have an understanding how to shoot without them.  We suggest instead of putting too much emphasis on the fallible, use the basic but effective technology that won’t let you down when you need it.  This may be a moot point to some shooters – until they are in a position where you need that tool and it suddenly doesn’t work anymore.  Really, this is most of the time we need something.  Murphy is a long range shooter’s friend, that’s for sure.


That’s what we like about the hardware that Ivey Design has been producing the past 5 years in his adjustable mounts.  He utilizes the mechanics over electronics.  The newest SRT30-160 uses the M1913 Picatinny Rail Base which is universally standard to many modern rifles and the unit weighs a little over a pound.  Weight is always an issue, especially in competition and hunting applications, but this unit is designed for the rifles that shoot the heavier calibers.  Movement is a bad thing with the rifle platform in precision shooting but by its design, this unit is made to withstand the heavier recoil impulses.  So weight isn’t much of an issue.

The adjustments are in Minutes of Angle with 20 MOA revolutions to equal a total of 160 MOA of adjustment.  This is a big deal because now we can utilize the higher power optics at the distances they were designed to shoot.  When choosing an optic, always take into account the amount of adjustment the optics has compared to the magnification it provides.  Many people believe they have to have the high power scopes to shoot at the extended ranges.  Many of the current optics offer the magnification to see the target very clearly past 1000 yards, but lack the ability to adjust for the drop of the round at that distance.  We suggest that when investing in optics, to consider the amount of adjustment they offer compared to the magnification they provide. 

With the SRT30-160 Adjustable Rings, we can now make the major elevation adjustments with the optic’s base and then make the fine target adjustments with the optic itself.  This is a revolutionary concept directed towards long range recreational shooters.  I would much rather have the higher magnification at 1500 meters and not have to worry about lacking the elevation adjustment.  These rings give us that opportunity.  They will accommodate a 30mm and 34mm tube to fit the majority of optics available. 

I have shot these rings while they were in their developmental stage and were very impressed with them.  I was more so impressed with Stephen and his practical approach to Precision Rifle Shooting.  He definitely understands how the engineering coincides with the real world and that is a valuable trait.  We have had the opportunity to provide a Custom PM30 Rifle with private instruction in the 2009 NRA Rifle Sweepstakes that features a set of SRT30-160 Adjustable Rings because they work so well.  We also offer these for sale on the site and at a discounted rate with one of our Rifle Bundling Packages.  We will also be getting some video on the site of them in action soon. 

NRA Sweepstakes 2009 Rifle


The SRT30-160 Adjustable Rings by Ivey Design are meticulously designed with the very particular long range shooter in mind.  This is a Professional Marksmen approved product and we want to hear feedback from users once they have had the chance to use them.  Don’t take our word for it.  Let us know what you think!




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